All Natural Weight Loss Strategies - Are Herbal Products Effective?

As the obesity rate continues to climb in the U.S., the market for weight loss products of every variety continues to boom as well. The negative health consequences of obesity are starting to become widely understood, and more and more people are looking to solve their escalating problem with fat before it takes their life.

Amongst all of these weight loss products are herbal products which tackle weight loss from a more holistic viewpoint. The appeal to these products is that they come straight from nature and do not use the stimulants and chemicals which have proven dangerous and even fatal with many other diet products.

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While some herb-based products may have only slight benefits to the weight loss product compared to non-herbal products, they are often a lot safer in terms of side effects and health consequences. Let's take a closer look at some types of all natural weight loss products currently on the market.

Herbal Supplements

If you decide to try all natural herbal supplements, don't assume everything you find at a store is completely healthy. Just because it comes straight from nature doesn't mean there are no side effects. Dietary supplements are still largely unregulated so you have to do some research and look into the exact ingredients being used.

For instance, here are just a few commonly used weight loss ingredients, some of which are great for the body and others which can have negative side effects:

* Senna

* Immortality Herb

* St. John's Wart

* Chromium Picolinate

* Apple Cider Vinegar

Senna has a laxative effect on the human body and long term use can lead to serious issues with you colon. Chromium picolinate naturally helps control blood sugar levels, but it can have an adverse effect on body chromosomes if taken in excess. Both of these herbs can lead to dehydration.

You may have heard of St. John's Wart as it is one of the more commonly used supplements for weight loss and other health conditions. Yet, it affects chemicals in your brain and has been known to cause problems with the eyes, skin, and in the gastrointestinal system. It can also cause itching and a lack of energy.

Immortality herb is a lesser known herb which is commonly used in weight loss products for its ability to increase metabolism. It also has many other health benefits including a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke and lower blood pressure.

Apple cider vinegar actually has many health benefits outside of promoting healthy fat loss. It can also help control blood pressure among other things.

Organic Products & Foods

Organic foods are becoming more and more popular as people attempt to get healthy as well as avoid negative health consequences from the pesticides and fertilizers currently being used on food crops around the country. Organic foods use completely natural byproducts to fertilize food crops and keep common plant pests away. As a result, they are believed to make you healthier and are safer for consumption.

Organic products tend to be higher in price than non-organic products, but prices continue to drop as more and more consumers go organic. Some consumers find organic produce to have richer flavor than non-organic produce.

Caffeine & Green Tea

All coffee lovers know that caffeine gives a nice spike of energy that can carry you through a dreary day. This knowledge has prompted the use of caffeine in large quantities in many weight loss products, since it increases energy and supports a more active lifestyle. It has been known to have side effects, including inducing jitters and shakes in the body.

Green tea is a very common ingredient in weight loss supplements of every variety, but there are also herbal supplements that include green tea extract. alone. This is because studies have proven that green tea actually increases fat burn. Supplements that contain this extract along with the right amount of caffeine could help you burn as much as 40% more fat over the course of the day!

Some studies are even showing that drinking green tea consistently and in higher quantities can have the same effect, helping some people lose as much as 3 times the weight lost by others who do not drink green tea.

There are tons of great things to be said about the benefits of green tea, which is why many people now consider it a safer alternative to the use of caffeine for weight loss stimulation.


Going with all natural herbal weight loss products can be much better for your overall health than the unnatural ingredients found in other weight loss supplements. Just make sure to do your research into exact ingredients to ensure the herbs you are consuming do not have negative side effects for your health.

Realize that most prescription medications are made out of completely natural herbs, so herbal products can be quite potent!

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