6 Weight Loss Tips - Start Using Them Now

Today, I'm going to give you 6 weight loss tips that are proven to work. These are not just any tips. These are the exact ones which have helped thousands of people around the world to achieve their goals. So, without much further delay let's get started...

oh... one more thing, I want you to realize that treat these tips as your goals in case you are not already following these in your life. All you have to do is set one goal at a time and achieve it and then go on to the next and on and on and finally you will be where you want to be in no time guaranteed. Trust me on this.

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Tip #1: Set Realistic Goals:

As I have seen, many of my clients struggle to set some real goals. By real goals I mean those that are achievable in the near future at least. What I mean by this is most of the times the goals that many set are too aspiring than they have to be.

For instance, if you are currently weighing 200 pounds and your goal is to weigh 150 pounds and if you haven't weighed 150 pounds since you were 17 and now you are 42, then this won't be a realistic goal to set.

I suggest you to use Body Mass Index (BMI) which indicates what weight you should be for your height. By considering this, you'll have an idea as to whether you have to lose weight or not. The National Institutes of Health indicate that BMI between 19 and 24.9 is ideal and anywhere between 25 and 29 is considered overweight and if you are above 30, you are obese.

So, all you need is a good weight loss plan to follow that will help you to maintain correct weight for your height as it is the primary factor for your BMI to be affected.

Tip #2: Set Ideal targets:

If you want to lose weight just for name sake, then it is less helpful to you and doesn't help you to lead a healthy life at all. So, you will have done a great job, you will have take a giant step forward if you follow a weight loss plan that includes right diet and exercise and you will notice that you will have more energy and will be more positive in your life than ever before.

Tip #3: Take Action, Don't Just Hope:

Everything that you dream becomes a reality when you take action. By action I mean to actually do the things that are necessary to lose your weight. Instead of saying you are going to lose so & so pounds this month or week, just look at it as how much exercise you have to perform in order to lose that many pounds. This will have a greater effect on your overall goal than just hope does.

Always remember that reduction of weight in a month or a week is completely out of your control, but how you go about doing it is all what matters.

Tip #4: Take One Step At A Time:

First of all weight loss takes some time. What ever you goal is, just don't rush. Always take one step at a time. Take one short term goal and break it in to halves and then achieve it. Then, take another, achieve it. Then another and so on until you have reached your goal.

Tip #5: Don't Lose Self Confidence, Encourage Yourself:

Don't develop a "all or nothing" attitude. This will just lead you to failure. Instead, look at your efforts in an objective and fair manner. If you have fallen short of some goal this week, look forward for the next week, just don't keep looking at your failures, instead just keep going. Don't stop.

Remember, you don't need to be perfect to achieve what you want to achieve. You just have to do it. That's it.

If there is no one to encourage you, encourage yourself. Self encouragement should be one of the major drivers of your weight loss goals. Without this, you're setting yourself up for failure for sure.

Tip #6: Adopt assessable measures:

Just telling yourself everyday, that you are going to work seriously on your weight loss plans or that you are going to be more positive today is not something that you can assess and measure and you should not include this in to your overall weight loss plan.

Instead, focus on the exercise that you need to perform and just start doing it day after day after day. Soon, you will find yourself losing a lot more weight than you originally intended to.

Follow these six valuable tips starting from now and you will achieve your weight loss goal in a very short time than you originally thought.

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