Are Weight Loss Claims With Acai True?

False claims are everywhere concerning the acai berry and weight loss. Distributors, retailers and companies are making false claims without any evidence to back up the supposed loss of weight with the acai berry. Thus far, there is not one research study which supports the acai diet claim. The news media is now getting involved, so I am sure we will see more about this shortly.

One of the most well known acai drink is of course monavie. I checked many monavie websites and the ones I checked made no such claims to losing weight. So why are all the others making such outrageous claims? Are they hoping to compete with monavie? Could it be that weight loss is a 58 billion dollar industry and they want a piece?

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The majority of websites which claimed the loss of pounds with the use of acai came in a pill form. Do the consumers realize swallowing a pill is throwing away 80-90% of their money since only 10-20 percent is actually absorbed? Do monavie customers realize up to 80 percent of the nutrition value can be lost during pasteurization? So how much nutrition is actually absorbed by the consumer? No one can argue the health benefits this berry provides. The high antioxidant properties are a benefit to any person, especially one under enormous stress. But weight loss is not an effect from the consumption of acai.

Losing weight is on the mind of 70 percent of the population and many are willing to do or try anything to drop the pounds. The consumers are still trying to find that magic potion or pill which will melt away fat without altering their lifestyle. Even the medical doctors are making thousands promoting the new weight loss drugs on the market. What about the prescription drugs which only promote a 13 pound weight loss per year? Why are they not subject to the media and FDA censure as with the all natural products? Could it be because they want to capitalize on the weight loss market themselves?

Anytime one can lose weight without dangerous side effects is beneficial to their health. Especially now a days with so many people all ready on prescription medicine, the potential drug interactions may be deadly. Consumers should research their potential diet product before buying and read any studies published. There are some great all natural products and diets to promote losing weight which are great for the consumer. The acai berry just is not one of them.

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