6 Reasons Why Weight Loss Plans Fail

Are you struggling with weight problem? Do you hope to succeed in weight loss program? Do you hope to stop the loss-gain-loss cycle?

You know the difficulty of losing weight. This is not likely to be your first weight loss program. It is likely that many weight loss plans fail to work for you. Why? Why do those weight loss plans fail? Why do you often gain weight after a period of weight loss?

There are basically 6 reasons to account for the failure.

1. Underestimation

You may have underestimate your daily calories intake. You may have overestimate the daily calories consumption for daily activities.

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You make the mistake of underestimating the daily calories intake when you forget to count the calories from the snacks. You may forget to count the calories from the glass of milk. You may forget to count the calories for the glass of red wine after dinner.

At the same time, you overestimate the calories consumption for each activity. When you walk continuously for 20 minutes, you burn about 100 calories, just enough to burn off a cup of coffee.

2. Forget to plan for long-term weight loss

You forget that weight loss is a continuous effort. You cannot expect to lose weight that you have accumulated for the past ten years.

You cannot reasonably expect to shed off the pounds permanently if you do not change your dieting habit.
You need to commit for the rest of your life to eat healthy and live healthy.
Long-term commitment is needed in order for weight loss plan to succeed permanently.

3. Size of food

How big is your bowl? How big is your plate? How big is your cup of coffee?

Most of us love to eat in big bowl, big plate, and drink a big cup of coffee. That is the problem for pounds gained.

When you use a big bowl, you do not think that you are eating too much. After all, the bowl is not full. If you use small bowls, you may find that you need three small bowls to contain all the food. You are more likely to finish all the food in the large bowl.

You may think that the amount of food is not much, and you hate the idea of wasting food. That is why most people gain excess pounds.

4. Sugar addiction

You may not realize that you are addicted to sugar. However, sugar addiction is real. Can you remember how much sugar you put into the coffee? Can you imagine how much sugar is in the cakes? Can you imagine the amount of sugar in the can of soft drinks?

There is simply too much sugar hidden in our food, so much so that you become a sugar addict unknowingly.

5. Choose the wrong weight loss plan

Many weight loss plans are faulty, you cannot lose weight even though you follow all the instructions. Those plans that promise fast weight loss are fads.

Those plans that encourage you to eat like a bird do not work. Those plans that encourage you to skip meals do not work.

6. Hate dieting and exercise

Weight loss is a matter of taking in less calories and burning off excess calories. It is only possible when you pay attention to what you eat, and exercise regularly.

When your doctor forbid you to eat certain food, you will find that the forbidden food suddenly become so desirable. That is why forbidding yourself to eat all your favorite food is not going to work. You should tell yourself that you can eat your favorite food, after you have lost some pounds.

You need to find a physical activity you enjoy in order to burn off the calories. The physical activity can take the form of gardening. It can take the form of house chores.

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