4 Obstacles to Weight Loss Success

Many people know how to lose weight. It simply works by expending more calories than you took in, so that excess fats are burnt off. However, many people do not know how to do it, let alone talking about weight loss success. The problem is that although most of us 'know' how to reduce weight, 90% not sure about its specifics. Some may lose and gain while others stay in shape forever. As a matter of fact, before you begin the weight loss battle, you need to know what are the obstacles that will be coming to your way so that you can avoid them.

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1. Weight-Loss Plateaus
This term refers to the period of time from the 2nd week to 6th week. It is a dangerous time when a lot of people become frustrated and gave up because they falsely believe that the plan (check out the link below for Calorie Shifting plan) that they are working on is not working. In fact, this is the time when your body is busy achieving metabolic adjustment and there may be times where weight loss halts for awhile. Hence, weight-loss plateaus are normal, don't give up!

2. Depression and Stress
Depression and stress have adverse effects on body weight. Instead of weight loss, they may turn the table around and lead to weight gain if they are not handled properly. If you feel that depression and stress are hindering your weight loss efforts, you can play some sports games with your friends to liven up the mood or take a walk each morning to start the day fresh.

3. Hypoglycemia and Trigger foods
Hypoglycemia refers to strong cravings for sweets and high carb food. To prevent this, substitute them with salty foods.

4. Lack of Exercise
Most people may find this point a chore. But the fact is, regular exercises increase metabolic rate and fat loss. Some people prefer to watch someone else doing it. One recommendation for this is to turn on the music at home and dance along with it. It will be better if you tune on exercise video. If you belong to the obese range, start with gentle walking or swimming. Advance to strenuous exercises when you start to lose more.

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