The Right Mindset Produces Breakthrough Weight Loss

Many people have heard the famous quote by Napoleon Hill "What your mind can conceive and believe you can achieve." When you understand the quotes reality you can indeed get your breakthrough weight loss.

When you hear this quote read it really sounds quite simple and easy to implement, but in reality it is very profound and most often understood, which is why most people simply look on this as a feel good quote rather than profound truth.

Let's Break it Down:

First to conceive means to imagine or visualize, basically you have to think it's possible. This can simply be based on the knowledge of others achieving the same task, or reaching the same goal. For example when you want to lose weight you are encouraged by learning that others were able to lose weight. So the thought is conceived or the seed planted, now comes the time to grow and bear fruit.

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Secondly you must believe: This is the hard part. We have to go from wishing it could happen to believe with firm foundation that it is happening. Many times your past experiences can cloud your belief system. You must believe without doubt - Know that you can and are achieving the desired outcome.

Too often those who want to lose weight have listened to the wrong information in the past and as a result have experienced multiple failures. You have heard the term "Yo-Yo Dieting" or "Roller Coaster Weight Loss", you may have experienced the letdown after losing 15 pounds sticking to a diet program for a month only to gain 20 pounds back within a few weeks after going off the diet. Or possibly you seen this happen with family members, friends or you seen it happen with Oprah.

So How Do I Solidify My Believing?

To increase your level of belief is a step by step process. Think of placing your goal on a small wobbly card table with 4 legs. The foundation is there, just not completely stable. So what would help stabilize your table? What if you added more legs, instead of 4 legs you have 8, then 16 then 32, 64 and over time your foundation is one solid block of hard oak, completely immovable. You Believe and you Achieve!

Now Let's Get There:

To finally achieve your goal if that is for weight loss or any other goal; you must get your mind around the process. Start with small steps and small goals. For weight loss you can start with a goal as small as losing 1 pound in 4 days. Once this is accomplished you increased your potential and your belief system, placing an extra leg under your main long term goal. Now set a goal for 2 pounds, then 2 more pounds then 5 pounds.

How are you going to lose the weight? Exercise? Have you not been exercising for years? Have you been doing the wrong exercise (Aerobic exercise is wrong) for weight loss getting you nowhere?

Here is a key to remember:

Most people who start exercise go like mad men the first day, going with too much intensity, or too long the first day. As a result the next day or especially 2 days later they are so sore, they do not want to exercise so they put it off a few days, a few days turns into a few weeks. They feel like a failure and lose any momentum they had.

Start with small goals regarding exercise. An example would be choose a high intensity metabolism boosting exercises as described in the Doctor Directed Weight Loss Program, like running up and down your stairs as fast as you can for 45 seconds 3 times a week. That may seem too easy, but it will tax your body, and increase your metabolism, but you will be able to do it. After your first week decide to do that exercise every day for week 2. Then on week three do 2 or 3 sets with about a minute or 90 seconds between sets. Week four you can shoot for 4 sets, and now you are really boosting your metabolism, burning fat and most importantly you will see pounds come off and you have placed a significant number of foundational belief legs under your goal table.

This entire process is what I call the circle of weight loss certainty and is truly your break through weight loss program. On top of that this process can be applied to virtually any goal. To get your weight loss breakthrough follow the plan; make your decision to lose weight, build up your belief and reap your rewards!

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