Weight Loss Need Grows Exponentially As Obesity Approaches Epidemic Proportions

Obesity is simply too much body fat. Weight loss is a reduction of body mass. Its importance varies from person to person and can be critical in certain cases. Many diseases have their origin in being obese.

Normally, a person who is 20% over the normal weight for his or her age, sex, build, and height is considered obese.

According to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a person's weight is healthy if:it falls within the acceptable range for his or her height and age if the pattern of fat distribution does not place the person at increased risk for certain diseases and if the person has no medical problem for which a doctor recommends weight loss.

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Whether a person is overweight is only part of the story, however. Perhaps more important than weight is the percentage of fat in the human body. For healthy women, fat can account for as much as 25% of body weight when pregnant or breast feeding; 17% is a healthy percentage for men.

Weight loss for women's health and well being can be crucially important. Women's bodies are designed to carry a higher proportion of fat tissue to make sure there is plenty of fuel for both pregnancy and nursing. Most of the extra calories we eat that we do not need for immediate energy are stored away as fat. The average human body has between 30 to 40 billion fat cells in it. As fat accumulates, it crowds the space needed by the body's internal organs.

There are many health problems associated with complications due to obesity. They include:

Obesity, even moderate overweight, puts stress on the back, legs, and internal organs. This can eventually cause many physical problems and compromise overall health, which again crystalizes the need for weight loss. Obesity also increases the body's resistance to insulin and vulnerability to infection. It puts one at high risk for developing coronary artery disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke, and other serious health problems that can result in premature death. Additionally, complications in pregnancy and liver damage also are more common in overweight people. More than that, obese persons suffer psychologically as well as physically because our society tends to relate beauty, intelligence, and even success with being thin.

Conversely, negative things like laziness and ignorance society relates with being fat. Hence the compelling need for weight loss and weight management. The result is a burgeoning Weight Loss Industry. Numerable products and services have developed with the promise of achieving successful weight loss.

These products and services include crash dieting, water therapy, fat burning techniques, fasting body wraps, body belts, personal coaches as well as a wide range of other approaches and methods. They claim to make weight loss faster, easier, more effective and less expensive. They range from promises of losing a few pounds rapidly to many outrageous claims.


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