Faster Weight Loss - Three Inspirational Tips to Help You

If you have been struggling with your weight loss diet or if you are about to join a weight loss program, then you want to read this three tips very carefully. Many people have mastered the techniques of dieting and weight loss programs but they still do not see the weight loss results they are seeking. These three inspirational tips will help you improve your weight loss results by focusing on your internal communication. The inspirational tips are: Every single action you take has a positive intent, you are much more than your behavior, and your mind and body are interlinked and affect each other. By focusing on these three tips you will see more permanent results of your weight loss efforts.

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The inspirational tip number one is: "Every Single Action You Take Has a Positive Intent." By knowing this tip, you will hopefully be able to fully accept where you are today. You will hopefully be able to accept that the place where you are today regarding your weight is the only place you can be at right now. And therefore the best place to be and the best place to start your journey of weight loss. Moreover, every single action you took in the past, had a positive intent. Even though these action led you to being overweight, obese, etc. For example, you ate hamburgers because all your friends ate them. You ate processed food containing chemicals like high fructose corn syrup because it was cheap and you wanted to save money. And so forth. So stop blaming yourself, consciously or unconsciously, for your current situation. It is a result of your best intentions.

The inspirational tip number two is: "You are much more than your behavior." This tip tells you that you are much more than just you actions or your body weight. Even when you have lost 20 pounds or 50 pounds, you will be slimmer but you will still be much more than your body or your actions. The bigger part of you is nonphysical. The bigger part of you does not have weight, or size. That part of you is always with you yet you can not point your finger at it. Yet it is a part of you that everything that has weight and size comes from. The nonphysical part of you is the part of you that you and your best friends love when they say they love you. So stop blaming yourself for being overweight or making too slow a progress in your weight loss program. You are much more than your actions, much more than your size.

The inspirational tip number three is: "Your body and mind are interlinked with each other." There are several well known and not-so-well-known scientific facts that provide evidence for the important link between what we think, what we feel, and how our body reacts. For example, when you think a stressful thought in your head, the brain releases a chemical that finds a way throughout your body and causes contraction of all muscles, and reduction in body functions. Likewise, recent scientific studies show that each cell in our body is sensitive to the changes in the magnetic field of our hearts. Therefore, the way we feel in our heart has a direct influence on how our body cells act. And, finally, scientist have found that each of our organs creates chemicals known as neurotransmitters which in turn influence the other organs in our body. So again, stop making your body an enemy but accept it as it is. It is a marvelous creation. Your body wants to be in harmony with your thoughts and emotions. That is how it will operate at its best.

In this article you have found three inspirational tips to help you accomplish a successful weight loss. Hopefully, even despite lack of progress in your weight loss program, you will find that a big part of the success is the way you think and feel. So go ahead, become a person that just loves your body no matter what shape or size. Become a person who does not consciously or unconsciously blame oneself or others for the situation you are in as everyone always acts with the positive intent in their mind. And remember, you are so much more than your actions or your body.

By keeping these three inspirational tips with you at all times, you will hopefully be able to see much faster results in your weight loss program, and feel better about yourself, regardless of your weight and size.

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