The Four Magic Words of Healthy Weight Loss - Part III

In the last article, we discussed healthy and self-directed alternatives to expensive and sometimes dangerous weight loss options that are heavily advertised. In this article, we will discuss how using the Glycemic Index (GI) will safely and effectively guide your food choices (with the other two magic words, exercise more) so that you will reach your goal of a healthy weight range.

Following a low GI food plan also aids in retaining lean body (muscle) mass while reducing fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat and recent studies have shown that retaining muscle mass results in significantly more pure fat weight loss with fewer of the feelings of deprivation that sabotage many on the way to their healthy weight goal.

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These results strongly suggest that adding exercise to your efforts will help you to stay on course to attain your healthy weight goals. And, as you lose weight and feel stronger and fitter, you will exercise more, further accelerating your progress.

Exercising does not have to mean pain for health gain. It does mean exercising regularly so that your heart rate goes up and you break a sweat. Walking several times a day for about fifteen minutes or one thirty minute walk five times per week qualifies and will accelerate your weight loss, elevate your mood and help you to overcome any urge to give up your new found activities.

And, recent research shows that regular exercise, particularly morning exercise will help you to sleep better and longer each night.

Even the most dedicated and self-directed of us may need help in getting started on a healthy weight loss program. Uncertainty about how to change eating habits, the inevitable back sliding that can happen, especially around holidays and family events and the normal insecurity of changing long standing habits and the comments of friends and family are a lot to overcome.

Should you feel the need to use a commercial program to help you get a start on your weight loss regimen, look for ones that follow the glycemic index and offer a proper balance of protein and carbohydrates. Avoid high protein and low carbohydrate programs. These kinds of short term, rapid weight loss diets produce their rapid results through water loss from muscle tissue. These kinds of extreme diets have been shown to stress kidneys and cardiovascular systems, resulting in the possibility of serious health issues.

Look for a well balanced plan that includes leucine, an essential amino acid that promotes muscle gain and assists in fat weight loss. Leucine has also been linked to muscle mass maintenance in older people as it aids in protein synthesis which degrades as we age.

The four magic words of healthy weight loss, eat properly, exercise more can be followed by most people. You should consult with your doctor before you start, to discuss any concerns about following any exercise and weight loss plan.

Absent any conditions that would prevent you from embarking on a weight loss program, following one for healthy, long term weight loss and exercise will result in your attaining a healthy weight range for the rest of your life while learning healthy eating and exercise habits.

And all it takes is four little words!

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