The Leading 3 Weight Loss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In spite of there being so much data available on weight reduction, the same weight loss errors are being made over and over, every single day. Now, we're not looking at those trivial indiscretions, like that piece of chocolate you just couldn't resist, but the huge blunder that caused the reversal of all your hard work to date. Actually recognizing these possible errors, BEFORE they happen, can be the difference between you hitting your weight loss aims, or not.

1. The All or Nothing Mindset

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Everything or Nothing people trying to lose weight are prone to picking out over-complicated weight loss plans that are predestined to disappointment from the very beginning. Being narrow-minded to the point where they throw out any food not acknowledged in black and white, they mean to follow the diet to the letter. In their own mind, they are going to be the "textbook dieter" for this particular weight loss plan, and they may well be, for a short while, anyhow. It will not be long, you can be sure, before something (or someone) causes them to move away from their plan just one time. At once the whole idea is ruined in their view and the diet is over. In the end, they go shopping for their established unhealthy groceries, and pile on the pounds they lost, only in half the time.

If this sounds familiar, you need to seriously ask yourself - am I committed to getting weight off for good, or am I going into this halfheartedly? If you want to steer clear of this mistake, aim for balanced weight loss, not hurried. Slowly, but surely, introduce healthy foods, replacing much less healthy meals with comparable, but less damaging ones

2. The Attitude of Sacrifice

The next most common mistake (extremely similar to the previous one) is to see your diet as being a period of favorite-food-sacrifice. Totally barring your preferred foods while on your way to your weight loss target can backfire on you though. You could have a grand diet plan and be very successful in getting off weight, but what happens when you arrive at your objective weight? As a result of you not weaning yourself off the less wholesome (but more tasty?) foods, you are much less likely to be able to control yourself once you try some again (and, let's face it, it's liable to happen...). It is much better to keep a little of your preferred food (though in much smaller volumes!) in your diet plan, than to entirely forget them. And yes, that does include chocolate!

3. Goal Failure

Setting yourself realistic targets is essential in any weight loss program. For your own sake, your target should be:Absolutely crystal clear Preferably written down Very achievable

While you probably do have an ideal weight in your mind, unless you are only very slightly overweight it is probably too distant to be useful. It would be far better (and more achievable) to aim for, say, a couple of pounds a week for 6 weeks, then a pound a week from then on - now that sounds easier already, doesn't it? It is completely normal to lose more some weeks and less others, so don't panic. Just concentrate on keeping the overall trendline going in the right direction.

Now, you may well have been one of these dieters in the past - don't let it worry you. Just move on in a positive manner. It's important that you learn from your mistakes and don't give up as a result of them. Once you have committed yourself totally to becoming slimmer and healthier, you can only succeed in reaching your goals. As you work towards your target weight, you will find that your appetite will fluctuate from day to day (as your body adjusts with the dietary changes you are making) - this is completely normal.
As long as you eat the right foods in the right quantities (commonly known as 'eating in moderation'), you can easily steer clear of these three common weight loss mistakes.

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