How Healthy is Rapid Weight Loss?

The debate about gradual weight loss being healthier than rapid weight loss has been going on for years, with those who espouse the virtues of gradual weight loss basing their arguments primarily on the belief that rapid fat loss is highly detrimental to your health. But, is this really the case? Is gradual fat loss really healthier than fast? Can rapid fat loss really put your health at risk? Let's check the facts to find out.

Recent studies compared participants in very low calorie diets with those who use the traditional low calorie diets. Study results indicated that those who underwent very low calorie diets lost almost twice as much weight in the first few weeks (16% versus 9%). However, long-term results showed no significant differences between the two groups (6.3% versus 5%). These results show that in terms of effectiveness, there really isn't much difference between gradual and fast weight loss in the long run.

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The same study also took into account the question about health risks, and the results showed that there was no difference in the adverse side effects, attrition and morbidity suffered by the two groups. Therefore, there is no clinical proof of gradual fat loss being healthier than rapid fat loss. Perhaps it is safer to say that some people are just not compatible with losing weight quickly, which is why they experience unhealthy effects.

The choice as to what method of fat loss to use, therefore, is left to the dieter himself. Of course, the best way to come up with a healthy and effective program is to draw up plans in consultation with your doctor or any qualified health expert. After all, we each have different body types that need different approaches in order to achieve our goals.

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