Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals When Traveling is Crucial to Permanent Weight Loss Success

Often when we are planning a trip we either have unrealistically optimistic expectations of our weight loss results or we totally bag the idea of trying to be healthy. There is another option between these extremes. By choosing a middle ground we have a better chance a permanent weight loss success and of having an enjoyable trip to boot!

Rather than being rigid in your exercise and eating while on your trip, allow for a little extra flexibility in your plan. After all, traveling itself can be stressful and you are going to be in environments where you have much less control over the available foods and what you can do for exercise.

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Because you have less control you might be tempted to give up if you go into the trip with a very rigid mindset. The end result will be not only that you don't reach your weight loss goals, but you may very well set yourself back on your weight loss journey. That doesn't help you physically, mentally, or emotionally.

On the other hand if you go on a trip without any plan...if you decide because you aren't at home in the environment where you have the most control then you won't have ANY control so why bother...well, you are pretty much guaranteeing a big binge and weight gain.

The solution is to set weight loss goals for your trip...but be realistic about it.

Your specific goals will vary depending on where you are in your weight loss journey and what the nature of the trip is. For example, if you are a regular business traveler and this is one of many business trips you will be taking as part of your job, then your goals will be very different from the time you head home for the holidays.

The first step therefore is to acknowledge what type of trip it is. Is it a type of trip that you will be having frequently, or is this a "once-in-a-lifetime" trip, or somewhere in between.

If your job involves frequent travel then you will want to set up a routine that works for you on the road so you continue to lose weight on a regular basis whether you are at home or traveling.

On the other hand if you have been saving for years for a month long trip to Europe or Alaskan cruise, for example, then your goal may be to maintain your weight...or even to allow yourself to gain an amount that you are comfortable with, say 5 pounds.

Whether your trip is a fantastic vacation, a family reunion, a weekend getaway, or a business trip, you can set health and fitness goals that will fit in for that particular journey.

While it may be appealing to think we will always adhere to our normal routine and continue to lose weight at a consistent rate...that is not realistic...even if we are at home. When we have unrealistic goals regarding our healthy, fitness and weight loss then we are setting ourselves up for failure. When we fail we then give ourselves the opportunity to beat ourselves up for the failure. Now we have entered a downward spiral of not meeting our expectations and criticizing ourselves for we beat ourselves up we feel bad, which makes us want to do things that makes us feel better which is often to eat! Thus we continue the spiral down and suddenly we have put back on any weight we had taken off and more.


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