Enjoying Weight Loss - A Multi CD Program by Hypnosis For Weight Loss Expert, Dr Roberta Temes

For many weight watchers who are desperate to lose weight and adopt a healthier diet, hypnosis has become an extremely popular weight loss option. If you're among those who fear that you'll be put into an irreversible hypnotic trance, you have no need to worry: The Hypnosis Network is composed of mental health professionals who have developed a series of audio CDs designed to aid people with dysfunctional behaviors and addictions, from overeating to self confidence and pain control.

The four CDs in Enjoying Weight Loss were created to help weight watchers follow through with their diets, regardless of whether or not they've undergone hypnosis before. The Hypnosis Network defines hypnosis as a relaxed state of concentration. Hypnosis allows you to sidestep your conscious mind and change entrenched behavior at a subconscious level, which has a more powerful effect than the alterations we try to make ourselves at the conscious level.

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Think of it this way: Hypnosis strengthens the connection between your everyday conscious desires, like getting rid of extra weight, and the deeper unconscious, which holds the power for genuine, lasting change.

The narrator of Enjoying Weight Loss is psychotherapist Dr. Roberta Temes, who is also a trained hypnotist. You can lose as little as 5 pounds or as much as 100 pounds, by listening to one CD session with Dr. Temes per day and relaxing your mind into a state of focused attention.

A wide range of topics related to weight loss are featured in the Enjoying Weight Loss CDs, such as:

* An Overview of Healthy Weight Loss

* An Introduction to the Practice of Hypnosis

* A Guide to Selecting Healthy Foods

* Tips for Eating Smart

* Advice for Avoiding Temptation

* The Importance of Regular Exercise

* Building Self-Confidence

* Rules for Maintaining Weight Loss

Dr. Temes advises weight watchers to set a regular time, morning or evening to listen to a single 20-minute session every day. It's not recommended that you use the CDs as a way to help you fall asleep or while you're behind the wheel.

There are seven 20-minute sessions included in this 4-CD series. But remember, only one session daily is necessary. Many people have had success with listening to a single session over and over for at least one week, then moving on to the following session. In just three weeks, you can go through each of the sessions three times. By then, it will become clear that it's much easier to stick to your diet and exercise plan. Once that happens, all you need to do is repeat the sessions until you have reached your weight loss goal.


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