Instant Weight Loss - The Truth Uncovered!

We're living in a fast society. Everybody wants to have everything right now. Instant gratification is desired by everybody. Instant weight loss might not be a realistic goal to set for yourself. After all, there is nothing you can do to shed a few pounds right this instant. However, if you are willing to to settle for fast weight loss, you're opening a whole bunch of doors for yourself that won't necessarily lead to disappointment. The truth is, you're body will begin burning fat the very day a calorie shortage is introduced.

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When you put yourself on a healthy fast weight loss diet and you consume on average 500 calories less than you need for the day, your body will use up 500 calories from your body fat reserves that very same day. Since a pound of fat stores around 3500 calories, you can burn a pound of pure body fat in a week, which is 7 x 500 = 3500 calories. When you decide to put yourself on a fat burning diet, it's best if you do this at least a few weeks in a row. The advised maximum timespan for dieting to lose weight is around 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, your body will get used to the calorie shortage and stop burning fat. That's when you can afford to eat a little more for a few weeks. You might gain a little weight back in this time, but it's okay. Usually, your body will keep its new, slimmer shape. Whenever you feel you are up to it, you can do another 6 week period of fat burning and get yourself more results with every time you have a fat burning period.

The Psychology Of Weight Loss

Whenever you hit a plateau in your weight loss, it is important that you do not despair. This is to be expected and it happens to everybody, eventually. Remember that real weight loss requires a change in your lifestyle. You cannot expect to solve your obesity problem in only a few weeks, if you've built it up over a timespan of years. It's hard to keep going sometimes. But luckily, the hardest part is the beginning. Oftentimes, when people are in the rhythm of the healthy lifestyle, they don't ever want to go back! It's all about adopting a new lifestyle that gives your body a permanent momentum towards being healthy and slim. This is the best defense you can have against pounds that slowly sneak up on you over the years. Once you get used to it, you'll never go back. Losing weight is hard, but maintaining your new body weight is much easier once you've gotten used to a healthy diet in combination with regular exercise!

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